I possess a unique blend of talents that seamlessly integrate the meticulous understanding and mastery of both technical systems and business dynamics. This duality – the 'Inventor' aspect that delves into the intricacies of software or hardware, and the 'Entrepreneurial' spirit that focuses on the commercial viability and market introduction – defines my approach. My method is holistic, turning concepts into market-ready innovations, refining them, and unlocking their monetization potential. I adeptly bridge the gap between marketing and engineering, establishing best practices for synergistic collaboration.

Beyond the tech sphere, my extensive experience in real estate further enriches my multidisciplinary skill set. This involves a hands-on approach to property development, from constructing homes from the ground up to remodeling and repurposing living spaces for modern use. This real estate venture complements my technical and entrepreneurial capabilities, providing a practical understanding of market demands, design, and functional utility, ensuring projects not only meet but exceed market expectations.

My career trajectory, marked by key roles in various tech startups and a Fortune 100 company, alongside significant achievements in the real estate sector, offers a comprehensive background spanning engineering, sales, marketing, product development, business strategy, and property development. This breadth of experience positions me uniquely in the industry, capable of driving innovation and growth in technology while leveraging those tangible assets and opportunities within real estate development.

Professional Journey and Insights

Growing up in Seattle, Washington, my journey into the tech world began at the tender age of 13 when I joined Vetco Electronics, a local electronics surplus store. My earnings were invariably reinvested in the store, purchasing electronic components, computers, and other gadgets that fueled my passion for creating and tinkering before "maker" became a popular term.

My entrepreneurial spirit took root in junior high when I launched System One Audio, a venture that saw me supplying my schoolmates with audio equipment. This endeavor quickly expanded into selling complete computer systems, components, repair services, and offering custom electronic design and prototyping services by the time I was in high school. By 1991, reflecting the broadening scope of my business, I renamed it System One Technologies.

As my interest in designing custom electronics deepened, I spotted a significant opportunity in bridging the gap between computers and the physical realm. This realization came at a time when the Internet of Things (IoT) was just emerging. After high school, in 1995, I developed a custom 16-bit ISA card that allowed for comprehensive control from DOS or Windows, marking my first major invention that married computers with the physical world.

My innovation led to a practical application in 1997 with a project that managed the hardware for a company selling roses via vending machines. This project inspired my first significant startup, MediaExpress, which offered DVDs and CDs through interactive kiosks. After MediaExpress, my career path ventured into datacenter management, hosting, telecom, and VOIP technologies, culminating in the construction of a private VOIP network across the U.S. and Canada. This extensive experience in deploying Cisco's networking, routing, and VOIP solutions paved the way for a nearly 15-year tenure at Cisco Systems.

Parallel to my tech career, my passion for building and creation found another outlet in real estate. I have personally taken projects from the ground up, including building a home, remodeling four houses, a duplex, five condos, and creating two basement AirBnBs—besides the numerous projects for friends and clients.

Recently, I've found myself drawn back to the tech and startup scene, alongside my remodeling and home improvement ventures. I thrive on bringing ideas to life, constructing things from scratch.

When I'm not immersed in tech or real estate, I indulge in my other passions: downhill skiing, traveling, boating, and cooking, which offer me a well-rounded and fulfilling life outside my professional interests.