Some of My Tech Related Projects

( in no particular order )

WiFi to IR Gateway

February 2016 - Concept Product

Operate Any IR Controlled Device

Send IR remote control commands to any device or group of devices this is pointed towards via Wifi. This ESP8266 based Wifi to IR gateway is built on the NodeMCU core (not using Ardunio IDE or IR libraries).

This unit has a restful interface and can process both Global Cache IR codes as well as standard IR HEX codes and output them at either 38KHz or 40KHz via an IR emitter. A number of commands can be ‘Alexa’ enabled allowing you to simply say “Alexa, turn on the TV”.

Setup and configuration is via a Web App running on the device. The enclosure was repurposed from an old serial blaster and the USB cable is used for power only.

BAK (Bad Ass Knob)

May 2016 - Concept Product

Simple Physical Control of IoT Devices

Take control BAK! Smart devices need to be simple and work seamlessly with our physical environment. BAK is a modern high quality knob and button interface which lets you control almost anything wirelessly. Think of it more as a stationary physical control surface that you don’t have to pull out of your pocket, unlock, then find the app to turn a light on with.

At it’s core is a rotary encoder with a heavy solid aluminum knob providing assignable actions to clockwise, counter-clockwise and various depress actions as well as providing visual feedback with an addressable RGB light ring. Assignable elements can also be ‘Alexa’ enabled allowing you to say “Alexa, turn on the light” (though this functionality does not work when on battery power).

Leveraging an ESP8266 and built on NodeMCU, there are a ton of additional capabilities which could be enabled or added. A LiPo battery cell provides decent operating time assuming the RGB lighting is exercised minimally. I have also been testing the ESP32 to better understand the difference in regards to power consumption as it could be a viable candidate moving forward. Setup and configuration of action assignment is via a Web App running on the device. The enclosure is repurposed Ipe wood scrap.


January 2010

Custom Light Fixture

This was a custom multi-bulb light fixture I created for a Seattle condo.

At 600 watts and controlled by a dimmer you are able to achieve all sorts of variations with both the color temperature as well as the light image painted above the fixture. Photographing this at full brightness was near impossible.


May 2013

Custom LED Light Fixture

Prototyped and built custom stainless LED based light fixtures.

The light's color can be adjusted and set via a wireless remote in addition to the standard wall plate on/off switch.

This unit is one of a few pieces I built, in both circular and rectangular models, all along the same design premise.

Speech Recognition Tuning Tool

November 2015 - US Patent Granted

Patent Number: 9,183,834

Systems and methods for tuning a directory of a speech recognition system leveraging existing audio.

Patent US9183834

Object Motion Tracking

April 2020 - IoT Prototype

Real Time Inertial Measurement and Data Capture

This was an IoT project combining two 6-Axis IMU’s with an ESP32 SOC to accurately track an objects motion in 3D space.

The SOC has a web server running locally to both host the visualization of the data (leveraging Chart.js) and provide a WebSocket interface to stream the measurements at very low latency to any host application or web client over Wifi.

Liquid Amp

September 1999 - Product Prototype

Liquid Cooled Car Audio Amplifier

Custom plexiglass box housing a high-end custom 2 channel Class AB car audio amplifier. Tiffany RCA's and all power connections were all mounted on one end of the unit for wiring simplicity allowing for a clean install. Power amp produced approximately 250 Watts per channel in to 4 ohms at <1% THD and stable down to 1 ohm.


October 1999 - Finished Kiosks and Theater Deployments

DVD and CD Interactive Kiosks

Finished MediaExpress Kiosks deployed in the field.


September 1998 - Prototype Construction

DVD and CD Interactive Kiosks

Media Express CD / DVD Vending Kiosks. I worked directly with our fabricator to build these prototypes to spec, integrating various other custom components built by myself - including the machine - computer interface.

These pictures were taken at EMF's (the same fabricator who made the original Coinstar machines) manufacturing facility in Redmond, WA. Photos from 09-02-1998.

Embedded Systems and Industrial Control

1998 - First PCB Production Fab

RS-485 Networked Multi Use Controller Board

This was a Microchip PIC 16F84A based controller board with integrated RS-485 networking I designed to perform three different functions depending on how the PCB was populated. Being my first PCB production run and trying to be as cost conscious as possible, it was only a two layer PCB.

The 1st function was a stepper motor driver with positional feedback. The second was a hopper motor controller with count tracking. The third was a bill acceptor controller providing bill validation detail.

Mechanical Design

1998 - Media Hopper Production Run

MediaExpress Kiosk Media Hopper

Designed the modular core element of the DVD and CD kiosks - the media hopper. These were designed to be robust but cost effective and simple to produce at scale as each machine had 30 of these. All were networked via RS-485 and controlled with my universal controller boards.

Early Computer Interfaces

1996 - ISA Bus and External Prototypes

Bridging Computers with the Physical World

First 8-bit and 16-bit ISA Bus PC Cards and External Parallel Interface Versions. These also include controlling coin hoppers and keypad input integrations.